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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give...)

  Author(s) & Illustrator(s): Laura Numeroff, Felicia Bond

  Edition: Hardcover -- Plot Summary and Book Review

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Hardcover)    

  • "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff is one of our favorite children's books. When a boy is sitting on the grass outside his house eating a cookie, a little mouse shows up. If the boy gives the mouse a cookie, the mouse will ask for a glass of milk. The milk will lead to a straw, and straw will lead to a napkin, so on and so forth. The humorous story ends with the mouse asking a glass of milk and then a cookie. This classic children's picture book encourages kids to make predictions and teaches cause and effect in a fun way. Felicia Bond's detailed and humorous illustrations closely match vocabulary words and bring the main characters to life. "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is a great book to read aloud to children in preschool and kindergarten.

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