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Classic Children's Books

  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Hardcover) 

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give...)

Laura Numeroff, Felicia Bond (Hardcover)

Genres: Fiction - Children's Picture Books, Humorous Stories; Book Theme: Animals

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff is one of our favorite children's books. When a boy is sitting on the grass outside his house eating a cookie, a little mouse shows up. If the boy gives the mouse a cookie, the mouse will ask for a glass of milk. The milk will lead to a straw, and straw will lead to a napkin, so on and so forth. The humorous story ends with the mouse asking a glass of milk and then a cookie. This classic children's picture book encourages kids to make predictions and teaches cause and effect in a fun way. Felicia Bond's detailed and humorous illustrations closely match vocabulary words and bring the main characters to life. "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is a great book to read aloud to children in preschool and kindergarten.

  Where the Wild Things Are (Hardcover) 

Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak (Hardcover)

Genre: Fiction - Children's Picture Books

"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak is an imaginative classic children's book with great illustrations. The picture book has won many awards, including Caldecott Medal, Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Illustration and ALA Notable Children's Books award. After being put to bed without supper by his mother, Max imagines sailing off to where the wild things are, becoming the king of all wild things and eventually returning to his own room where hot supper is waiting for him. "Where the Wild Things Are" is a good book for preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginning readers.

  The Secret Garden (Paperback) 

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett, Tasha Tudor (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a great classic book, and can be considered among the best in children's literature. Mary Lennox, an unattractive orphan girl, is sent to live at her uncle's manor on the Yorkshire moors of England. There, she discovers a secret garden that has been locked up for years. Along with Colin, her spoiled and sickly cousin, and Dickon, a country boy who loves nature and can talk to animals, Mary is drawn to the wonderful world of the secret garden. They work to rejuvenate the secret garden and, along the way, Mary and Colin find their lives are transformed for the better. With strong and memorable characters and a heartwarming story, The Secret Garden is a good book for children in 4th grade through 7th grade.

  Sarah, Plain and Tall (Paperback) 

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Patricia MacLachlan (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction; Book Themes: Family, Frontier and Pioneer Life

In "Sarah, Plain and Tall", author Patricia MacLachlan tells a moving story about the creation of a family. In simple language, a little girl named Anna talks about how Sarah from Maine comes to the prairie to live with her, her brother, and her widowed father. This historic fiction has won many awards, including Newbery Award, Christopher Award, Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction for Children, Golden Kite Award for Fiction and Notable Children's Book. "Sarah, Plain and Tall" is one of the best children's books. Kids in second grade through sixth grade will enjoy this classic chapter book.

  It Looked Like Spilt Milk (Paperback) 

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Charles G. Shaw (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction - Children's Picture Books

"It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by Charles G. Shaw is an imaginative classic children's book. Young readers can see a white shape against the blue background on each page. Sometimes it looks like spilt milk, but it isn't spilt milk. Sometimes it looks like a rabbit, a bird, a tree, an ice cream cone and other familiar things, but it isn't what it looks like. The picture book keeps children guessing until the last page, where they find out that it is a cloud in the sky. Simple words and repetitive patterns make the book easy to read and remember. The guessing game encourages creative thinking. "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" is a good book for older toddlers and preschoolers.

  Blueberries for Sal (Paperback) 

Blueberries for Sal

Robert McCloskey (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction - Children's Picture Books; Book Theme: Animals

"Blueberries for Sal" is a classic book that tells a gentle and engaging story. Funny noise words such as Kuplink, kuplank and kuplunk add to the attraction of this great read-aloud book. A little girl named Sal and a little bear have a bit of an adventure when the little bear follows little Sal's mother and little Sal follows the little bear's mother on a blueberries-picking trip. Preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginning readers will enjoy this Caldecott honor book by Robert McCloskey. "Blueberries for Sal" is one of the best picture books for children.

  The BFG (Paperback) 


Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake (Paperback)

Genres: Fiction - Fantasy Books, Humorous Stories

BFG, the Big Friendly Giant, is a kind and lovable character. His jumbled language will get laughs out of children. BFG and Sophie, a little orphan girl, go on an adventure that ends with the capture of nine horrible giants with the help of the Queen of England. "The BFG" is one of the best children's fantasy books. Kids in 4th grade through 7th grade will enjoy this imaginative humorous story and the magic world created by author Roald Dahl and illustrator Quentin Blake.

  Half Magic (Paperback) 

Half Magic

Edward Eager (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction - Fantasy Books

"Half Magic" by Edward Eager is one of the best children's books of the 20th century. In this classic of children's literature, four siblings - Jane, Katharine, Mark, and Martha - embark on fascinating magical adventures after Jane finds a magic coin that grants half of each wish. Children come to learn they need to choose words carefully in order for magic to work as desired. "Half Magic" is a wonderful fantasy book with an engaging story, strong characters and well-thought-out plot.

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